Is it ok to make easy treats for my friends baby shower?

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She ' s having a halloween infant shower and I saw these treats you make with cookies and Hershey kisses to appear like witch hats and after that you place sprays or sweet corn around the Hershey kiss. It ' s a percentage of job yet I ' m additionally making pumpkin skeletal system ginger bread cookies … is this fine or should I make something homemade? I will certainly make the cookies from square one yet I ' m not a big baker lol



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Its great that your ' e making deals with whatsoever, these audio great and I certain your good friend will certainly value you making something for the shower, Its a great point to do.


— Yes. make rice crunchy deals with and tint it orange, form right into a pumpkin after that enhance it with delicious chocolate m and m ' s. on a huge plate.

— Yes

— make whatever you desire. as long as the deals with look charming and taste great, no person cares whether they are made from square one or usage sweets, and so on to compose them. Which goes double for anything delicious chocolate!

— What you are making is “” residence made”” as are the witch hats. Those I would certainly additionally call “” residence made””
And have you seen the genuine charming “” acorn cookie/candy”” A Hershey Kiss, a mini ' nilla wafer and a little butterscotch chip. Charming!