Is it ok to feed my vegan niece animal crackers?

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Is it ok to feed my vegan niece pet biscuits?



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checked out the active ingredients panel on the cookie bundle


— You recognize they are not real pets? They really put on ' t consist of any type of pet items either. Indeed, it is fine to feed your vegan niece pet biscuits.

— Best means to persuade your vegan niece right into consuming pet biscuits is to camouflage the pet biscuits in a smart style to earn it appear like veggies, and you need to do this to quell her, while assuming that she recognizes she has to consume a food kind besides veggies.

— Yes

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— Yes, naturally! Relying on her age, you might attempt and describe to her they aren ' t really pets???

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— As long as there are no pet relevant active ingredients to it- ex lover. milk items

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