Is it illegal to bake a cake after 6:00 on Monday's?

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Is it unlawful to cook a cake after 6: 00 on Monday ' s?



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Yes it is and I ' m mosting likely to inform on you. MOMMY! Anoymous giant is making a cake and it ' s after 6pm and he ' s going to enter problem!


— Where I live it would certainly set you back much less to prepare it if you prepare in between 9: 30 pm and 8: 30 go to the very least if you have an electrical stove

— No. It would certainly be something a bored kid like on your own need to go do, instead compared to troubling the grownups on Y!A with inane ' concerns '.

— You could cook a cake anytime of the day or evening unless, you live where there are limitations.
Hope this assists.

— It ' s fine as long as you utilize kosher components.

If you ' re extremely distinct you could simply obtain away with it,


— Not where I live

— Yes I heard you could obtain life jail time

— Only in Nambia in the springtime.

— nope