Is Banana bread – a cake or bread?

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Is Banana bread – a cake or bread?
I ' m having a foolish discussion over this, questioning is it a cake or bread



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There Is both a banana bread & & a banana cake.(***** )The bread variation Is fairly thick & & much less wonderful compared to the cake variation.


— I make both banana bread and banana cake!! banana bread is used the fast bread technique of blending while banana cake is a butter cake and is creamed technique of blending.

— I claim Cake and that for Banana and squash breads, bread is a misnomer, By exactly what the active ingredients and sugar material are to me they are cake.

— Quick bread, which I think are cakes. My banana ' bread ' and banana cake dishes are almost similar other than one is bigger and has sour lotion.

— If I needed to pick, I 'd claim cake. Most individuals differentiate cake as having topping (extra pound cakes have no topping) and bread as not being wonderful (Hawaiian bread is extremely wonderful!).

— Cake

— its a fast bread. Not as wonderful as cake however not as full-flavored or yeast based as normal bread.

— It is taken into consideration a fast bread, like a muffin.

— Of you place icing it is a cake, if you put on ' t, it ' s bread. There is additionally such a point as banna cake, so yes.

Since of the high sugar material,

— I consider it cake. Bread shouldn ' t have much sugar, if any kind of.