I'm making the traditional rich fruitcake for Christmas but this year would like to try making it with less sugar

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I ' m making the standard abundant fruitcake for Christmas however this year want to attempt making it with much less sugar. Would certainly it function …?
The dish asks for 225 g/8oz of butter and 8oz of sugar. There is a dessertspoon of antidote. Would certainly it still function if I utilize much less sugar, or would certainly i after that need to minimize the butter also? As there is a lot fruit i would certainly have assumed that would certainly aid in the direction of the sweet taste …



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I ' ve not attempted decreasing the sugar in a Christmas cake, however I have actually attempted with a lighter fruitcake. It did job.

I 'd recommend it may not maintain fairly too though, and may go extra crumbly?

If I were you, I 'd attempt decreasing the sugar by a little bit and see just what the result is. If the result is unfavorable, at the very least it isn ' t also radical. If the result is not unfavorable, you can constantly minimize the sugar material additionally following year …


— why not seek out a decreased sugar fruitcake and see exactly how that dish compares to your own? In stead of arbitrarily decreasing this that and the various other point, do some study.