I'm bringing my class cookies :)?

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ok so the other day i made house made peanut butter cookies so today my educator claimed it was alright to bring my course some and he asked if any person had peanut allergic reactions and …;-; my crush was the just one that elevated his hand … i really felt negative that he reaches lose out on my terrific cookies … so just what should i bring him rather than a peanut butter cookie???;-;-LRB- ***)  


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Is there any kind of means or time that you can make him his very own unique cookies? Or brownies, rice krispie deals with, treat mix, salsa and chips … simply bring him something he likes that is various. (If no time at all visit the shop and purchase him a large sweet bar)

On a side note, that ' s a crucial allergic reaction see to it he doesn ' t have others, suppose ya ' ll kissed after you consumed a PB&J? Eeek


— Do you recognize how you can make other cookies? He ' ll really feel also much better understanding that you considered him and made something unique.

— People with peanut allergic reactions have the tendency to be quite particular, so I 'd purchase him something packaged that is peanut complimentary (andnot refined on anything that additionally refines peanuts). such as …
a little pack of oreos
a Rice Krispies bar
a cinnamon sugar soft cracker
little debbie treat

… etc

— Peanut butter cookies audio gross, so why wear ' t you make something that everybody will such as and consume? Delicious chocolate or vanilla?

— Anything without nuts. Great old delicious chocolate chip never ever falls short

— make oat meal cookies following time!!