If you could only eat 5 different foods for the rest of your life.. what would they be?

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just what would certainly they be?
I was simply considering if I needed to just consume 5 foods for the remainder of my life, i d select the following (omitting any type of sort of spices, natural herbs, salt and so on): delicious chocolate (an outright MUST), roast beef supper, cod, bread, and cheese. Althought i would absolutely miss out on points like pasta, poultry, mushrooms, cake and so on



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I assume it ' s foolish to do these meaningless excersize for conditions that will certainly never ever take place.


— 1. Cheese
2. Meat
3. Fish
4. Hen Pasta
5. French fries and Burgers

— A roast beef supper isn ' t a sort of food

— Fish, pork, beans, vinegar, chili peppers.

— Sashimi, corned beef, pesto, steak, and pizza.

— liverwurst, mayonaise, dill pickles, goat milk, and plantaines.