If I put a wax paper on a tray for cookies

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If I placed a wax paper on a tray for cookies, do I need to massage butter on the tray?



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Don ' t usage waxed paper. The correct item would certainly be parchment paper and no, if you utilize it you do not need to oil the frying pan.


— Sometimes massaging butter on the tray could periodically provide you an unique effect-like food preparation for cookies in the stove.

— Don ' t bake cookies with waxed paper, usage parchment or non stick aluminum foil.

— Never make use of wax paper for food preparation! The wax thaws and adheres to the food.

— you ought to be utilizing parchment paper not wax paper, if it is entering the stove usage butter simply under the cookies

— After the cookies are baked? Obviously not.

If you do,

— no however the w.p. will certainly stick much better. This is for offering however? Not cooking

— certainly not