I wanna make some cookies

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I wan na make some cookies.?
could individuals provide me some Cookie Recipes. I Have Plain Flour, Self Rising, Butter, Eggs, Caster Sugar, Demerara sugar … What can i make?



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Chocolate chip COOKIES:
2 +1/ 4 mug of flour,
1 tspn cooking soft drink,
1 tspn salt,
1/2 mug butter,
1/2 mug reducing,
3/4 c. sugar,
3/4 c. brownish sugar,
1 tspn. vanilla,
2 eggs,
1 (12oz) pkg. delicious chocolate chips,
1 c. sliced nuts,
Preheat stove 375 ºF. in a smal dish, integrate flour, cooking soft drink and salt; reserved. Ïñ huge dish, integrate butter, sugar, b. sugar, reducing and vanilla remove. defeat till luscious. beat in eggs. slowly include flour combination. mix in choc.chips and nuts. Ðrop by tbsp on ungreased cookie sheet. cook at 375 ºF for 9-11mins.


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