I got a fortune cookie that was empty. There was no piece of paper with a message on it?

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I obtained a ton of money cookie that was vacant. There was no paper with a message on it?



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I obtained that as well. Ton of money cookies originate from California not China. That ' s where they began. It implies absolutely nothing. All ton of moneys in them are wide anyhow.


— That took place to me, as well. I informed the waitress my lot of money cookie didn ' t have a ton of money in it. He claimed, “” Oh my, Do you recognize just what that implies?”” I claimed, “” No. I wear ' t. Exactly what does it indicate?”” He claimed, “” I wear ' t recognize either.”” He giggled.

— How unfortunate could you obtain. This implies your time could be up. Place your head in between your legs and kiss your *** farewell

— Very unfavorable

— Doesn ' t look great for you, far better inspect your life insurance policy…

— vacant, sort of similar to this “” concern”” huh?

— That is unfavorable!

— Oh oh! That could not excel!