I ate raw cookie dough and now i have mushy poop and nausea for 2 days?

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I consumed raw cookie dough and currently i have mushy poop and nausea or vomiting for 2 days?
All i had was one pillsburry xmas cookie dough cookie, and the day after i really felt actually sick and my poop is transforming odd, everytime i consume i obtain nausous and when i put on ' t consume it becomes worse?



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It had raw eggs in it and you possibly have gastrointestinal disorder.

You need to never ever consume anything with raw eggs in it. Raw eggs are the very best point there is for bacteria to expand in.


— unless YOU included raw egg to that things, I very question it was the cookie dough that made you unwell. Business doughs utilize sterilized eggs to stop simply something.
Just what makes you believe it was the cookie dough? Definitely thats not all you consumed for 24 hrs before getting ill?

— Go to the medical professional! Raw cookie dough could eliminate individuals.
Salmonella and e.Coli are 2 extremely extreme food birthed ailments that could be called from consuming raw cookie dough.


— You ' re unwell from the raw eggs in the cookie dough. Draws to be you. It ' ll pass.