I ate an edible for the first time and didnt feel high?

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I consumed an edible for the very first time and didnt really feel high?
I consumed an entire weed cookie and didnt really feel high in all, I seemed like I intended to lose consciousness 2 hrs after consuming it. I seemed like ****, and the day after I still do not really feel excellent. My buddies consumed fifty percent and were actually high. Just what occurred?



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You consumed excessive.

Edibles put on ' t start as quick as smoke. Exactly how quickly it strikes will certainly depend upon your metabolic process and just how much food was inside your belly. Depending upon the person and the dose, some individuals can really feel the impacts in just 10-15minutes. Some can take as long as 2.5 hrs prior to they really feel anything.

According to your summary, I assume you more than likely consumed excessive. By the time you really felt the impact, you were means past your convenience restriction currently. You avoided so called high and went right to being stoned.

Different pressures have various impacts. Some pressures can have a recurring impact on you. It is not unusual that you can still really feel the impacts the following day.

Edibles can take that last in between 1.5 hrs to over 12 hrs. Once again, this will certainly depend upon the specific ' s resistance and the dose. Edibles can leap out and take you by shock AFTER you really felt entirely sober as well. Take just a little and delay at the very least 1.5 hrs prior to you consume a lot more.


— You obtained high, you simply had a negative journey.

— I have a tough time thinking you “” didn ' t really feel anything”” if you experienced after impacts.

— Maybe it was poor quality

— Nothing occurred man, that ' s the issue.

— more probable your buddies experienced a sugar pill impact.
Consuming edibles does not metabolize similarly as cigarette smoking it.