How to make Oatmeal Cookies?

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How to make Oatmeal Cookies?
Does anybody recognize the best ways to make Oatmeal cookies???



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This dish makes regarding 21 crunchy cookies

1 mug flour
1 tsp dual acting cooking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger
1 mug fast food preparation rolled oats
1 mug light brownish sugar
1/4 mug grease
1/4 mug milk
1 egg

Set the stove to375 Oil the cookie sheets. Obtain a big blending dish and a sifter. Step the flour, the cooking powder, the salt and both seasonings right into the sifter. Filter them right into the dish.
Measure the rolled oats, make certain they fast food preparation, put the oats into the flour. Mix with a mixingt spoon.( wood is ideal)
Pack the brownish sugar right into a gauging mug and dumpt it right into the blending dish. Mix the brownish sugar right into the completely dry mix.
Now determine the grease and put it in. Step the milk and put it in, as well. Don ' t mix!
Get a mug, Break the egg right into the mug, after that put it right into the swimming pool of oil and milk.
Now, mix! Mix about and about. The batter will certainly be tough to mix. Mix up until you have a brownish batter without any swellings of brownish sugar.
Use an eating tsp to form the cookies. For every cookie, dig a teaspoonful of batter and press it into the oiled cookie sheet.
Leave lots of space around every one, they will certainly expand as they cook. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes, after 10 mins, examine them, they need to resemble level round cakes, if they look brownish sufficient, take them out. If they aren ' t rather done, allow them cook an additional 2 mins, or a lot more. Raise the cookies off with a spatula and established them on a cake rack to cool down.


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