How To Make Healthy Cupcake With Low Calories?

Cupcake, also named fairy cake in England, the name comes originally from that all the ingredients to make the cake are measured with a cup, such as a cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four cups of eggs, one cup of milk and a teaspoon of baking powder. So here the recipe of healthy cupcake is another original one coming from the classic.

healthy cupcake

Recipe for the cupcake


Unsalted butter                   60g

Sugar                                     30g

Egg                                           1

Milk                                     30ml

Plain flour                           120g

Baking powder                  1 teaspoon (4g)

Salt                                                  pinch

Sugar (for the caramel sauce)          70g

Cold water (for the caramel sauce)   15ml

Hot water (for the caramel sauce)    30ml

Marshmallow                                       30g

Marshmallow (for decoration)       18 grains

(The ingredients above are for a total of 6 cupcakes)


For the caramel sauce:

Mix 70g sugar (for the caramel sauce) and 15ml cold water (for the caramel sauce) and then add them into the pan and heat; then gently shake the pan after the mixture turns different color. Remove the fire until the whole mixture turns into caramel color evenly. At this time, add in 30ml (for the caramel sauce) hot water and stir evenly, take 50ml for later use after cooling.

For the cake:

Place egg under the room temperature for a while. And dice 60g unsalted butter into a bowl and also place it under the room temperature. Add in 30g sugar and pinches of salt after the butter is sunken by pressing it with your fingers. Beat the mixture until it turns white and creamy.

Add egg liquid per several times into the mixture and stir, each time stirring until it is fully absorbed into the mixture.

Pour in 50ml caramel sauce and blend fully.

Sift all the powder and add into the 30ml milk per 2 -3 times, each time adding the powder you should scrape it with a knife until the dried powder is totally disappeared.

Cut marshmallows into grains and fold into the paste, and scrape with a knife.

Put the paste into the mold with oil papers covered on. Preheat the oven to 356 F degrees and bake for 20 minutes.

Top each cupcake with 2 – 3 grains of marshmallows for decoration (you can omit this step if you don’t like). And then back to the oven and bake for another 5 minutes.


The best time to eat cupcake

2pm – 6pm

The best time to eat cupcake of a day is around 2pm to 6pm, it is the time that is unlikely to put on weight. And it is also the time that people’s body temperatures and activities get their highest peaks. That is to say, the calories would be consumed fast after you gained. But, if you eat cupcakes after dinner, the fat is able to pile up in your body and which is the main cause of obesity. Furthermore, to eat desserts within 200 calories are enough, and remember do not eat dessert when your stomach is empty, or else it would absorb too much fat that leads to obesity finally.

The famous Japanese nutritionist Asano Takako thinks that we need not suffer anymore because of afraid of obesity. Actually you can enjoy cakes freely if only you pick up the right ones. She thinks that not all the desserts will cause obesity; however, you should pay attention to the calories and eat desserts properly.

Cakes contain varieties of categories. They could be divided into several kinds. Cake of many fats, cake of many carbohydrates, cake of many proteins, and simple cake. When you choose cake or ingredients to make cake, remember to choose the simplest ones. If there are cake with cream and chocolate and cake with pumpkin, nuts, sesames, blueberries and so on for you to choose, you should choose the later one. It is because of the later one contains lower calories and you can eat them even when you are in training course.