How much would you pay for a cupcake?

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How a lot would certainly you spend for a cupcake?
I wish to open a bakeshop in a couple of years and wonder about just how much somebody would certainly spend for a homemade cupcake.



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It actually depends upon dimension and high quality. The far better the high quality or the larger it is, the greater the rate. Directly, if it ' s a great cupcake, I 'd possibly pay around $3 for one. Preferably, $2 is the center male. A respectable cupcake at a suitable rate.


— have a look at the cupcakery and various other exquisite cupcake pastry shops in las vegas. I had a large german delicious chocolate cupcake, concerning 3bucks, however they have some actually cool things that ' s extra expensive, however rate didn ' t appear to matter at this area

— 1-2 dollars

— depends upon the dimension. In between $1.50- 3.00