How much food do you plan for a fundraiser?

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I have a fundraising event in 2 weeks to gather things to assist the homeless. well I am intending to offer food, yet I have no concept what does it cost? food making as I am unsure the number of individuals will certainly appear. I imply I intend to have sufficient food for everybody yet not to a lot that I have toms remaining. , if I have great deals remaining I desire to contribute it to individuals in demand.. I intend to offer mac and cheese, pea salad, chips, crackers and cookies. I wished to simulate 3 boxes of pasta, 4 bags of peas, 4 bags of chips 2 level and 2 barbeque, 2 bags of crackers. does this audio excellent considering I do unknown the number of individuals will appear? I am wishing for a great deal of individuals yet idk the number of will certainly come given that I am simply utilizing my leaflets and word of mouth. and I would love to obtain all this plus plates and all that for state perhaps 40.00so if any individual additionally recognizes of any kind of promo codes I could discover or just how I could conserve cash that would certainly be excellent to.



Best Answer

It depends upon the number of individuals RSVP/you ' re anticipating.