How much butter for 100 cupcakes?

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How much butter for 100 cupcakes?
Im production 100 cupcakes for a close friends birthday celebration the entire of the top of the cupcake with will certainly covered in topping making use of a piping bag, would certainly be much assistance of you can allow me recognize the number of blocks of butter i would certainly require in grams as i have no idea!!!!!! Thankyou



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Hi, I ' ve made cupcakes prior to in Foods Class, our instructor constantly informed us to place a minimum of one layer. I 'd suggest at the very least 2 layers however, depending of the thickness of the topping. Hope I aided and have a good time at your good friends birthday celebration!!!


— Having standardized cupcakes for retail, if you are making use of a buttercream dish of 50% butter and 50% Icing sugar you will certainly require simply except 4kg each. we approximately utilized 7 kg of buttercream to enhance around 100 -110 You would certainly require 3.5 kg of butter and 3.5 kg topping sugar (Confectioners sugar)
that would certainly provide you a resaonable quantity on a cupcake making use of a 2D piping suggestion.
If you could obtain (not also certain where you are) Soft spread margarine after that this would certainly be significantly less costly for you, Asda (Walmart) in the uk do a 2kg bathtub of soft spread for ₤ 2.89and utilizing this the proportion decreases to 25% soft spread and 75% Icing sugar.

— 10 times as long as for 10 mug cakes. Simply increase up the amounts from a dish for 10.