How do you swirl the inside of a cheesecake and keep the top white?

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How do you swirl the within a cheesecake and maintain the leading white?



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Some cheesecakes additionally have a white top that is baked after the cake is virtually done. The covering is sour lotion, sugar and egg.
So several of the marble cheesecakes you see may have several of the batter booked and after that put over the top some may additionally have this sour lotion covering on it.


— Save 1/4 of batter, leading swirled section after the swirl.

— Here the photo of it. It would certainly not allow me connect with inquiry. When you swirl the top, the cheesecake has a marble impact on the side (side sight); not a bird eye sight like.

— I have actually never ever attempted this. I envision you would certainly put MOST of the batter right into the springform frying pan and swirl in whatever you want to swirl in.
And after that include the staying batter on the top to earn a clear, unmixed, top-coat.

— Swirl the batter over the crust, after that include celebrity cake loading on the top.

— Put half the batter, include your swirl active ingredient, swirl, include the various other fifty percent. Or swirl all of it and placed a sour lotion covering on it.

— Two put layers