How do you make banoffee cupcakes?

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How do you make banoffee cupcakes?



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Type in banoffee cupcakes right into Google.



— Banoffee Cupcakes Ingredients:
160grams Self Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
125grams Sugar
2 Eggs
3 Bananas
50grams Fudge
150grams Icing sugar

Preheat stove to 160 levels celcius.
Put 12 paper situations right into a baking tin.
Seive with each other flour and cooking powder.
Mix the egg and sugar right into the dish with the flour and cooking powder.
Blend for a couple of minutes till light and cosy.
Include the blossom and butter right into the dish, maintain blending and after that include the banana and fudge.
Spoon right into cupcake situations and smooth over.
Cook for 15-20minutes till gold brownish.
Leading the cakes with the topping sugar.


— Just go into google and kind ' Banoffee cupcake dishes '

I checked out them and assume this is the very best: