How can I ice cupcakes with a normal spoon?

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How can I ice cupcakes with a typical spoon?



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You can make use of a spoon to place icing on each cupcake and make use of the back to spread it over the top, or you can make use of a butter blade to spread out the icing.

Or you can place the icing right into one end of a plastic bag, reduced the edge off, and pipeline swirls over the top of the cupcake.


— Just go down the topping in addition to the cake and after that make use of all-time low of the spoon and swirl it aroun down very first and after that swirl it to the top and effort to earn a stand out.

— Take tiny level spoon( Ice lotion spoon) take little topping use it gradually, with taste buds blade or, butter blade degree it or smooth en it.