How bad is it to eat plain cookie dough?

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How poor is it to consume ordinary cookie dough?



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Raw eggs, otherwise “” in-shell sterilized””, could have germs that triggers Salmonella poisoning.

From the WebMD web site:
“” … Symptoms of salmonellosis consist of looseness of the bowels, high temperature, and stomach aches. They establish 12 to 72 hrs after infection, and the disease normally lasts 4 to 7 days. The majority of people recoup without therapy. Looseness of the bowels and dehydration could be so serious that it is essential to go to the medical facility. Older grownups, babies, and those that have damaged body immune systems go to greatest threat …””

I need to keep in mind nonetheless, that I have actually been doing cooking for over 30 years, and licked the batter from the dish or the mixer on a lot of celebrations. I ' m still right here, and still in reason and body. I would certainly not advise it for pre-teens, the senior, or any person with health and wellness problems that influence their immune system.


— Well, it does have raw egg in it, to make sure that can make you ill. I bear in mind as a child consuming the continuing to be dough of the beaters and was great.

I wouldn ' t rest down and consume a dish of it.

— I ' ve been consuming cookie dough for 23 years currently … never ever gotten ill!

— Oh no cookie dough isn ' t great, for any person! For your very own great if I were you I wouldn ' t consume that!

— It ' s extremely extremely poor. You are so rowdy Santa collapsed the Coca-Cola vehicle, and currently there is no Christmas.

— Very poor wear ' t do it