Boys and girls are suggested to make this fresh raspberry handmade semifreddo for your lovers! It is a color of happiness! And mums can make this semifreddo for their kids, really contains no addictive, healthy and bright-colored for kids.

Handmade raspberry semifreddo


Raspberries 500g
Sugar 120g
Water 300ml
Cream 120ml
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Vanilla yogurt 250ml
Paper cups 8
Popsicles 8

1.Blend raspberries and sugar with a blender, and then separate the juice and water
2.Pour 2/3 raspberries into another bowl, add cream, and add 1 tablespoon lemon juice in the remaining 1/3 raspberries, by this way we’ve gotten two cups of raspberry juice, one cup is pink and the other is dark red
3.Mingle vanilla yogurt and the remaining raspberries and inject the mixture into a half of the paper cup, cover the surface with a silver paper and insert in a popsicle, and put the paper cups into the fridge, freeze for approximately 2 hours
4.Tear off the silver paper, and pour the dark red raspberry juice on top of the yogurt semifreddo, and freeze for another 2 hours, and finally inject pink colored raspberry juice into the paper cup, freeze for 2 hours