HELP i accidentally ate an entire bowl of unbaked cake batter thinking it didn't have eggs in it, am i gonna die?

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HELP i inadvertently consumed a whole dish of unbaked cake batter assuming it didn ' t have eggs in it, am i going to pass away?
im not adverse eggs yet what happens if i obtain salmonella???



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If you do obtain salmonella, it won ' t be harmful. I have intoxicated raw egg lot of times in my life, and i sanctuary ' t ever before gotten ill from it. A lot of eggs put on ' t bring a lot of it, specifically shop-brought eggs due to the fact that they have actually been dosed with chemicals


— Lol, I ' ve done this previously. Don ' t concern, absolutely nothing will certainly occur to you, yet your neck will certainly really feel a little bit scratchy all the time (well for me it did, primarily due to the fact that I ' m adverse anything that ' s raw). They ' re individuals available that consume raw eggs day-to-day for healthy protein.

— What a waste of an unbaked cake. Burp.

— You ' ll be great. The greatest danger for Salmonella originates from the egg covering in fact, constantly clean your hands with soap after dealing with eggs.

— Buy your eggs from your regional ranch or farmers market and you wont need to fret about it.

— I would certainly be extra worried regarding consuming that much raw flour. That does not absorb well.

— indeed, what happens if?
There is NOTHING anybody could assist with. you consumed it. its far too late to stress.

— Ew.

— seriously? is this a joke??? and it depends

— Q