To All The Graduates From School – Graduation Cake

Graduation cake  – The recipe of today is the graduation cake. When it relates to school life, what do you think of? Some one said that life is like a grand banquet, there is always a time to separate. Thinking of the school moments, they are also like a noisy banquet. When we are going to college hand in hand to join in this grand banquet, we have thought of the day to leave. However, it is too fast know that it would end so soon. Those things that we felt we couldn’t forget in our whole long lives are forgotten in the days when we are thinking of all the time. So what is the most unforgettable thing? I think only the flavor of the graduation cake leaves its smell. Because we always know that the flavor of the old golden days are the most unforgettable thing in our memories.

After graduation, someone has disappointed in life, someone lost his or her lovers, and some people disappeared, some people got big money, some gained weight and some got married. And those things would keep happening from the day we leave our school; and we began to start our new lives respectively in our own track. But, the memories would fade away; however, when you look back on those past days, the graduation cake on the graduation day would bring us the smell of the youth and beauty and keep you as alive as the past, as if the past never leaves you and seems like you are twenty-two again.

Recipe Of The Graduation Cake – Date Of The Rose

Ingredients for the cake base:

Digestive cookies             140g

Butter                            60g

Ingredients for the cake:

Cream                  200g

Yogurt                  180g

Sugar powder             40g

Gelatin                  10g

Water                   50g

Rose jams                75g

Light cream              150g

Sugar powder             10g

Ingredients for the mirror surface:

Roses                    10

Water                    75g

Gelatin                   5g

Sugar powder              10g

Lemon juice               10g

ProceduresⅠfor the graduation cake:

  1. Cover the heart-shaped mold with silver paper, and package the 140g digestive cookies into the plastic wrap and crash it with a rolling pin; and then add in the plastic wrap with 60g softened butter, next, blend the butter and crushed cookies well.
  2. Pour the mixture into the heart-shaped mold and flat them with the back of a spoon. Next, soak 10g gelatin and put all of them into the fridge for later use.
  3. Add 200g cream and 40g sugar powder into the container and heat them over a preheated steamer.
  4. Beat the mixture until smooth and then close the switch, however, do not remove the container from the steamer. And then, add in 180g yogurt and stir well.
  5. Blend 75g rose jams and 50g water well. And, filter 25g rose juice and pour in 75g water and turn the liquid into 100g rose liquid, next, put it into the fridge for making the mirror surface of the graduation cake.

ProceduresⅡfor the graduation cake:

  1. Pour slowly the remaining 150g rose juice into the cake paste and stir well. Next, put the soaked 10g gelatin into the cake paste and stir until the gelatin is melted.
  2. Blend 10g sugar powder and 150g light cream with a low speed to the 60 percent fluffy, and then fold in rose cream paste. Next, pour the mixture into the mold and shake out some bubbles.
  3. Crumple the 10 rose petals sprinkle your favorite shape on the cake when the mousse paste is not clotted. Then, soak another 5g gelatin in water and put the graduation cake and gelatin all into the fridge.
  4. Take the 100g rose liquid out and put it on the steamer and heat it warm. And, stir in soaked gelatin and add in 10g lemon juice and 10g sugar powder. Next, blend the mixture well and take the container off the steamer.
  5. Pour slowly the mixture liquid on the upcoming graduation cake. And then put it into the fridge and tidy the rose petals with a toothpick.
  6. Demold after 2 hours and slice off the extra silver paper.

Tips Of The Graduation Cake – Date Of The Rose

  1. It is for a better melting to use the sugar powder, the sugar powder in the recipe is made all by myself, but if you use the sugar powder that you have brought in the shops, then you should add them more.
  2. At every step of pouring the liquid in the recipe, you should pour the liquid after the temperature of the liquid is reduced. And pour the mousse liquid when the cake base is nearly clotting so that the cake base will not be soaked soft. Then, make sure the temperature is low when making the mirror surface so that the rose petals would not float over the liquid.
  3. You can adjust the consumption of sugar powder according to your own likes or dislikes. Last, the recipe has so many procedures and ingredients, it is easier to find in this recipe the consumption of all the ingredients in each step, because I consider it has too much trouble to find the consumption of the ingredients by searching them above.

Graduation Cake

Review Of The Graduation Cake – Date Of The Rose

“When the receding train takes you to another town, I have turned my thoughts into waits.” Some myths said that this is the meaning for the Date of the Rose graduation cake. At the graduation moment, this kind of graduation cake – Date of the Rose cake represents just in time the feeling of being together and going to leave.

A big heart-shaped graduation cake with rose petals topping on it shows not only love between schoolmates, but also the cohesion of the deep friendships between you. Take a bite of the cake, the soft, sweet and smooth cream melts instantly in your mouth that would let your tears drop irresistibly. After everyone eating the cake, the noisy atmosphere becomes so quiet that makes all of us gloomy about the upcoming separation. However, the days would never disappear suddenly at one day, it exists in the past and in our memories.