Give me your best/favorite recipe!?

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Give me your best/favorite dish!?
If it consists of any type of meat, it could just be poultry! Ok … … GO !!!



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My family members makes kolache (an Eastern European pastry/cookie) each year for Christmas. It ' s a 5 generation old dish! The outcome is a half-cracked, jelly loaded cookie covered in powdered sugar.

2 sticks of saltless butter
1 8 oz bundle of lotion cheese
2 mugs of flour, looked

2 containers of your favored fruit protects or bread dental filling

1. Incorporate dough active ingredients in a food mill and mix till well incorporated. You ' ll intend to still see some marbling in the dough.

2. Eliminate dough from mixer and different right into 3 areas. Cover each area in cling wrap and cool over night (or at the very least 2 hrs).

3. As soon as dough is cooled, eliminate from the refrigerator, reduced each area right into thirds, and present dough to much less compared to 1/8th inch thick.

4. Cut rolled dough right into squares. Fill up each square with a glob of loading, after that fold 2 angled edges to satisfy in the center.

5. Bake at 350 till gently brownish. Great totally and dirt with powdered sugar.


— I make a roast poultry similar to this…
andmake this sauce to select it: 1 1⁄2 -2 tbsps fresh thyme leaves or 1 -2 tsp dried out thyme fallen leaves
1 mug bitter purple grape juice or 1 mug completely dry merlot
1 tbsp fruited vinegar (or even more to taste)
1⁄4 mug blackberry protects or 1⁄4 mug jelly
1 1⁄2 mugs fresh blackberries or 1 1⁄2 mugs icy blackberries
Include the spices, wine and vinegar to tool dimension pan
Remain to prepare til fluid is minimized by 1/3, concerning 20 mins.
Include protects and blackberries.
Prepare one more 10 mins or till the protects are merged the fluid and the berries have actually prepared down and are soft. Offer over cut baked poultry (like you would certainly sauce)

— Grilled cheese sandwich, or a blueberry avocado smoothie mix: 1/2 mug icy berries, 1/2 avocado, and orange juice. Yum. And ramen noodles stressed with a sauce of peanut butter, Italian clothing and smashed red pepper flakes when I ' m damaged.

— KFC initial dish.

— Fried poultry.