Experience French Romance With Colorful Macaroon

Surprisingly I would like to ask you some questions about Macaroon, which will make us know more about this kind of French dessert. And then I would like to write a recipe about how to make Macaroon since my favorite French dessert is Macaroon.


Q & A about Macaroon

  1. What sorts of Macaroons are thought to be good ones?

The good Macaroons are those ones with crispy crust and soft fillings. When you open its packages there comes out a dense almond flavor, and the flavor of the fillings is abundant with multi facets. Just because the sweetness of Macaroon, it should be better eat them with a cup of red tea or black coffee.

  1. What should be paid attention to when eating Macaroons?

The Macaroons just out from the oven can not be eaten because at this time the crust and the filling is totally separated, which needs to be preserved in the fridge for 24 – 36 hours. After that the crust and the filling of Macaroon are utterly becoming one.

  1. How to make Macaroon that looks like fluffy hamburgers?

The key to make Macaroon that looks like fluffy hamburgers is to beat egg whites until it is stiff enough. And the paste should be denser with shaking the pan more gently and baking a little longer. And that will make beautiful and delicious thick Macaroon.

Recipe of Macaroon



Almond powder          90g

Sugar powder            90g

Egg whites              33g

Pigment                pinches


Water                   23g

Sugar (for syrup)          75g


Egg whites               33g

Egg white powder         0.7g

Sugar                   15g

For the crust

Sift the almond powder and sugar powder, and then scatter the caking almond powder.


Next, pour the egg whites of ingredients A into the mixture of almond powder and sugar powder.

Following the previous step, scrape the mixture with a knife and then stir well. Next, beat egg whites and sugar of ingredients C until the stiff peaks form.


Then, boil the water and sugar of ingredients B to 244 F degrees – 248 F degrees. (If it is wet, better boil the temperature to 248 F degrees). Next, pour the mixture slowly into the well-beaten egg whites.

Next, add pigments into the meringue until clear lines form. And next, mix the 1/3 meringue into the almond paste well.


Fold the 2/3 meringue into the almond paste evenly and gently. Next, package the almond paste into the piping bag, and squeeze out little round pastes onto the silver paper. Do squeeze the paste with the piping bag vertically and the strength produced by your hands must be even.


Finally, shake the pan evenly and let the bubbles out. Preheat the oven to 329 F degrees and bake for about 10 minutes. At this time the lace edges of Macaroon showed up. And keep baking for another 7 – 9 minutes.



For the filling

Sugar                65g

Water                25g

Eggs                 50g

Egg yolks             30g

Butter                200g

Passion fruit juice       10g

First, boil sugar and water to 248 F degrees. And beat egg yolks and eggs swiftly until it turns dense and the color turns pale. Next, pour the 248 F degrees water slowly into the egg liquid and stir until cool.

Second, beat butter into the egg liquid swiftly until smooth. And then add passion fruit juice per several times into the cream, and each time totally combined.

Last, package the fillings into the piping bag and squeeze out the fillings into center of the two crusts.



Conclusion for Macaroon

The popularity of Macaroon lies in its colorful and beautiful appearance which attracts so many people all over the world. A perfect Macaroon must be smooth with no cracks of the surface and shows a glossy luster under the light. What else, a circle of beautiful lace edge would show up at the bottom edge of the Macaroon.