French Dessert Mont Blanc Cake Made Of Chestnuts

The name of Mont blanc cake comes from the French name of Mont Blanc in Alps. However, in dessert field Mont blanc cake means the cake with chestnuts  as the main ingredients. And the representative symbol of Mont blanc cake is the line shape decoration. Also, the chestnut cream with rum brings the Mont blanc cake a fragrance of refreshment. If you want to eat Mont blanc cake, just follow the recipe below.

Mont blanc cake

Efficacies of Mont blanc cake

  1. Strengthen bones and teeth. Chestnut is able to strengthen our bones and teeth so as to get back to health effectively.
  2. Treat diabetic patients. Chestnuts contain rich and soft dietary fiber, which makes it effective to help diabetic patients relieve the disease.
  3. Help treat kidney disease. Chestnuts are able to treat kidney disease such as kidney deficiency, which are commonly affected in women.
  4. Help treat dental ulcer. If kids or adults get affected with dental ulcer, then proper intake of chestnuts is able to help relieve the disease.
  5. Treat high blood pressure and disease of arteriosclerosis. Chestnut is dubbed as the king of nuts. It is because chestnut contains a large amount of nutrients that human body needs everyday, such as protein, fat, vitamins. So that experts said that proper intake of chestnuts is able to improve the immune system of our bodies and is helpful to prevent the disease of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis from happening.

Recipe of Mont blanc cake


Peeled off chestnuts                 250g

Eggs                                      3

Milk                                  35g

Corn oil                           32g

Plain flour                         50g

Cocoa powder                      5g

Milk                              150g

Sugar (for mashed chestnuts)    30g

Light cream                         80g

Sugar (for light cream)                 8g

Rum                               15ml

Sugar (for egg whites)                 60g


For the mashed chestnut

Peel off the chestnuts and boil them with water for 5 minutes. And then, scoop out the chestnuts and pour them into the cold water. At this time you can peel off the chestnut garments easily.

peeled off chestnuts

Put the chestnuts into water and boil until they can be mashed up with a spoon. Next, add milk and 30g sugar per several times into the food processor and start the machine. After that, blend in 15ml rum and stir well.

Beat 80g light cream with 8g sugar until fluffy. And then, fold the mashed chestnuts into the light cream evenly. Next, put it into the plastic wrap for later use.

For the cake base

Separate the egg yolks and egg whites, and then add 32g corn oil and 35g milk into the egg yolks. Next, blend it well.


Sift the cocoa powder and plain flour into the egg yolks and stir evenly.

Add 60g sugar per 3 times into the egg whites and beat until very soft peaks form. And then, preheat the oven to 302 F degrees.


Blend 1/3 egg whites into the cocoa powder paste evenly. And pour the mixture back into the egg whites, and next, pour it into the pan that is brushed with oil ahead of time.

Shake the pan so as to let the bubbles out and put it into the pan and bake the cake with 302 F degrees for 20 minutes.

Let it cool and then pour out the cake base and cut it into 4 pieces.

cake base

Take one out and squeeze out the chestnut cream onto the cake, and next cover it with another cake base. Fold the other two cake base on to it and top it with pinches of cocoa powder.



Conclusion for Mont blanc cake

It is sort of a famous French cake that I fell in love with when I ate the first time. Whatever, I just like the flavor and rustled taste of boiled chestnuts. And it tastes good as well when I make them into the Mont blanc cake.