It is a stemcil that focuses on almond slices and sugar as the main ingredients. I think it has not only the dense nuts flavor, but also has the healthy nutrition that human body wants.

Stemcils of Florence

Ingredients: <18 slices>
Almond slices: 60g
High protein flour: 10g
Whipping cream: 15g
Honey: 15g
Caster sugar: 40g
Butter: 25g

1. Put cream, honey, caster sugar and butter into a milk pot
2. heat milk pot with slow fire and keep stirring, in order to make butter and sugar melt. Bring to a light boil, and keep boiling with slow fire until the temperature of the mixture arrives at 239F
3. Remove the fire, put flour and almond slices instantly into the hot syrup
4. Using a heat-proof scraper, mix the almond and syrup
5. Spoon a little paste onto the oveware where covers a baking paper, make sure every distance between pastes is larger than 5cm, flat the paste with the spoon
6. Put the ovenware into the preheated 374F oven, bake for approximately 9 minutes in the middle level of the oven, until pastes are all spread and turn into golden and brown. After baking, cut the stemcils into standard circular shape with a mold
7. Eat after cooling


1. Spoon the paste of almond and hot syrup as soon as possible and onto the ovenware, the mixture that is chill would be over hard, if the paste is hard, you can soften it with heating over slow fire
2. The paste would spread too much in some extent, so make sure every two paste have a distance at least 5cm
3. Cut the stemcils into circular shape when hot. The stemcils would easily crack and become crisp if you cut after chill