“Flowing Heart” Cheese Tart Swag In Japan & Hong Kong

flowing heart cheese tart

It’s not a bad choice to prepare the “flowing heart” cheese tart for the person of your heart. “Flowing heart” cheese tart is now the most popular cheese tart in Japan and Hong Kong. However, the “flowing heart” cheese tart here is not what you think maybe the tart with cheese flavor,  but what attracts the people most is the “flowing heart”. Well, “Flowing heart” means you can feel the filling of the tart is flowing in your mouth when you have a bite. Further still, the tart is so crispy and smooth with dense flavor. And last, the cheese combined with light milk creates a tiny little of sour, which is so delicious!

Efficacies of cheese

Of the cheese. Cheese is actually a kind of milk product after fermenting. It has some sort of similarity with yogurt, both of which contain healthy lactic acid bacteria, but, the concentration of cheese is higher than yogurt, so that the nutrition is higher than yogurt, too. Cheese contains rich protein, calcium, fat, vitamins and other nutrients, which is also a variety of natural food.

Efficacies of fresh milk

Of the fresh milk. Fresh milk ranks only second to breast milk on nutrition as a sort of liquid food. Fresh milk supports human body with rich protein, fat, amino acid, sugar, salt, calcium, and iron, traces of vitamins, enzyme and antibody that are very easier to be absorbed by our human body. It has been scientifically verified by experts home and abroad with facts. If a person drinks a cup of milk every morning, that means it is able to fulfill the 10 percent of the calories and 40 percent of varieties of vitamins. And that is what human body needs per everyday. What is more, if a person drink 500g milk a day, 80 percent of the vitamins and calcium needed everyday could be met. Further more, fresh milk is able to prevent cancer. Thus, scientists acclaims that fresh milk is the best sort nutrients for our bodies.

flowing heart cheese tart

Recipe for the “flowing heart” cheese tart


For the tart:  Unsalted butter   31g

Salt                        0.5g

Sugar                     16g

Egg yolk                 5g

Plain flour             62.5g


For the filling:  Cheese                 90g

Fresh milk          25g

Light cream        35g

Sugar                   25g

Corn starch          2g

Procedures for the filling:

for the filling

for the filling

  1. Cut butter into little cubes ahead of time, and soften for several minutes. And then, add 16g sugar and salt, following the previous steps, blend the mixture with an electric beater in a low speed. And beat it until it looks like the cock of a chicken. (Beat secondly while scraping the butter on the edge of the container).
  2. Put egg and egg yolk into a bowl, beat it evenly with chopsticks.
  3. Pour egg liquid into the butter mixture per 3 – 4 times. Beat it with the electric beater every time when pouring the egg liquid. Next, beat until the butter is expanded like feathers. ( Beat secondly while scraping the mixture of the edge with a knife ).
  4. Sift the flour and add into the butter, scrape the mixture evenly with a knife, next, cover it with a plastic wrap and keep it for cool storage about half an hour.
  5. Cut cheese into little cubes and thaw in the oven for 1 minute, and, add 25g sugar and mix it and beat it with the electric beater.
  6. Blend 25g milk and 35g light cream, and add the mixture into the cheese per 4 -5 minutes, beat them until the liquid is absorbed totally by cheese, and then add it the second time. ( Beat again while scraping).
  7. Add 2g corn starch with no sifting, beat electrically.
  8. Scrape it evenly with a knife, put it into a piping bag and keep it in cool storage, pre-heat the oven for 356 F degrees about 10 minutes.

for the tart

for the tart

Procedures for the tart:

  1. Knead dough into a round one, and then flat the dough, roll the dough into a round one of 4mm thickness with your own hands.
  2. Take out a round mold with the diameter of 10mm, squeeze the dough onto the mold into round pieces.
  3. Put the round pieces into tart mold, and wait it until soft and flat it with your thumb finger, and next, stick little holes in the pieces with a fork.
  4. Put the pan with tart mold into the last but one layer, and bake for 18 minutes.
  5. Let it cool, and take out the tarts from the molds.
  6. Cut the piping bag with a big hole, and squeeze the mixture into the tart mold, and then put it into the refrigerator in 2 hours.
  7. Preheat the oven for 302 F degrees about 10 minutes. Take out the cooled cheese tart, brush the surface with egg yolk, and also brush some water on the edge of the tart for being burnt.
  8. Bake the tart in the last but one layer for 10 minutes, until the surfaces are gold and brown.
  9. It is so hot when it is just out of the oven, and it will clot after cooling utterly.

Conclusion for the “flowing heart”cheese tart

"flowing heart" cheese tart

No need to fly to Japan and Hong Kong, you can enjoy the most popular dessert “flowing heart” cheese tart at home! If only you are ready to make it all by yourself and get ready to prepare!This kind of dessert is a delicious one that you can enjoy after tea with your friends and guests. I think that they would be totally amazed for what you brought to them. The most swag dessert now in Asia!