Crispy Egg Rolls Reminds You Of The Childhood Memories

How could we miss the delicious egg roll in our daily time? Especially those foodies and kids who like to eat dessert. At home, we usually make egg rolls on our own; we make them with so many eggs and oil, so that the flavor is very good. And in my childhood, Mom makes egg rolls for us as snacks, and that is the best moment we kids have had, it means to say, it’s the flavor of my childhood.

Efficacies of eggs


Each 100g egg contains 12.7g protein, which means egg is rich in protein with good quality. And so on, two eggs contain protein which equals to the one that 150g fish or meat have. At the same time, eggs are also high in methionine, well, grains and beans are short of this necessary methionine for human body, thus, the combination of the egg and the grains or beans would elevate the bioavailability of the latter two.


Each 100g egg contains 11.6g fat, mostly gathering in the egg yolk. Further still, the fat in egg is mainly unsaturated fatty acids and in milk form, which is easier to be absorbed by human body.

Other nutrients

Yet eggs contain other important nutrients, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus and so on. And I n particular, the iron in egg yolk is as high as 7mg per 100g. Though high in phosphorus, however, calcium in egg is comparatively deficient, so, the solution is to feed infants with both milk and eggs, therefore the two items are complementary on nutrition. The vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin E and biotin in eggs are also high, particularly in egg yolk, vitamin A, D and E are prone to be absorbed and used by human body when they are dissolved with fat.

Recipes for egg roll


Eggs                     3

Plain flour           100g

White sugar       moderate

Butter                 20g

Black sesame     moderate


Heat butter in a pan. Prepare all the ingredients, next, heat butter over water.

heat butter


Beat eggs. Beat 3 eggs into a bowl and stir evenly. Pour the egg liquid into the butter, and then, add white sugar (according to your own will).

beat eggs

Sift plain flour. Sift the 100g plain flour per 3 times, blend evenly.


Add black sesame and stir evenly.


Make egg pastry. Heat the pan, and turn the fire into low or medium. Use a spoon to scoop one spoon of paste, and put it into the pan, instantly make it flat and evenly in thickness with your spoon. After that, when the color is turning into yellow-white, with edges rolled up, at this time, you can turn the paste into the other side and keep heating for 20 seconds or so. Wait until the paste is a little dry, then, close the fire.


Roll up the egg pastry. Take out the pastry, use a chopstick as the shaft, and roll the pastry into a tube.

roll up

Place it cool and wait it until crispy, then it can be served on the table for your guests.

crispy egg rolls

Impressions of making egg rolls

To tell it plainly, I have made egg rolls for so many times, but each time I made it differently, sometimes I replace black sesame with white sesame or seaweed or other ingredients. Sometimes I roll it into large ones, and sometimes small ones, but, there is one thing that never changes. It’s the heart and efforts when making the egg rolls, and I think that is the most important thing for chefs or bakers. If your guests have felt the heart of yourself when eating, that is not only the guests would feel like they were satisfied, but also you as the chef or baker, would feel like the happiness and success.