Easter cake?

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Easter cake?
Could I request any kind of recommendations on a great easter cake dish, please?



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Here are some –

Daffodil Easter Cake – http://www.gourmet-living.com/recipes.ht…

Neopolitan Easter Cake – http://www.gourmet-living.com/recipes.ht…

Easter Angel Cake – http://www.gourmet-living.com/recipes.ht…

Easter Bunny Patch Cake – http://www.gourmet-living.com/recipes.html?recipe=14614

Lemony Easter Sponge Cake – http://www.gourmet-living.com/recipes.html?recipe=14637

Easter Dawn Cake -http://www.gourmet-living.com/recipes.html?recipe=14624


— To excellent ones are:

Simnel Cake (a typical british easter cake with marzipan):
http://www.onlinebestinformation.com/tastyrecipes/2008/03/02/ easter-simnel-cake/

Easter gelato Cake
http://www.onlinebestinformation.com/tastyrecipes/2008/03/16/ easter-ice-cream-cake/

— Red Velvet Cake, which is exactly what I ' m mosting likely to make myself.

Attempt foodnetwork.com. I ' m certain that they have some respectable Easter Cake dishes.

— Scroll method down this display for some REALLY adorable Easter cakes:


— carrot cake is great on easter. it ' s adorable also bc it ' s the easter rabbit ' s favored kind