Frankly speaking, whole wheat raisin bread may be the old traditional coarse food. Raisin matches whole wheat perfectly, sometimes I would add walnuts, pecans or some other nuts, it is really a healthy food.

Sometimes I love various of chocolate dessert and exquisite cake, sometimes I’m crazy about the feeling of chewing coarse food grain in my mouth.

Whole wheat raisin bread

Whole wheat raisin bread<amount for 2>

For the whole wheat raisin bread:

Whole wheat flour 120g
High protein flour 80g
Water 125g
Dried yeast 5ml<3g>
Salt 5g
Caster sugar 7g
Olive oil 7g
Raisins 75g

For the decoration: pinch of high protein flour

1.Use half of the water in recipe to dissolve dried yeast<there we have 125g water, so we use 62.5g water>
2.Weigh the flour, sugar, salt and mix well. Add the yeast water, the rest water and other ingredients
3.Knead dough, put the dough onto the kneading board, the dough right now must be sticky and rough, you have to keep on kneading and do not add flour so easily
4.If the dough sticks to the kneading board, you can scrape it with a scraper, and knead it into the large dough again
5.Knead dough until the dough presents a transmitting thin film
6.Add raisins into the dough, knead for one more minute, and put the dough into a bowl, cover it with a plastic wrap or wet towel, ferment under room temperature until 2 – 2.5 times larger than the previous one
7.Generally it needs one hour under room temperature of 82.4F, or you can put it into the oven to ferment which has a function of fermenting
8.Press the dough to let air out, divide the dough into two, and knead each one into a round shape, cover them with wet towel or plastic wrap, place under room temperature for 15 minutes
9.Press the dough with a rolling pin, and roll it into a long oval shape<make sure to sprinkle a thin layer of high protein flour, avoid of sticky>
10.Roll the dough from top to bottom, tight the two sides into the middle while rolling
11.Roll to the end, clench the open of the dough
12.Put the two dough into the oven with the opens upside down, and wait for the last ferment<temperature 95F-100.4F, humidity 85%, 40 minutes’ ferment>
13.After the two dough become 2 times larger than themselves, scratch 3 cuts on the surface of the dough with a knife, and sift a layer of high protein flour for decoration. Put the ovenware into the middle layer of preheated 392F oven, bake for 15 minutes, until the surface of the breads turn into brownish red
14.Let cool until it’s almost the same temperature with your palms, and then put them into the plastic bags. Cut into slices or tear the bread when eating

1.You can add 35g-50g well-cut walnuts or pecans in the dough according to your own favorite
2.I suggest eating by cutting into slices, wrap cream on them would be better. If you mingle tomato slices, lettuce leaves, well-cut ham sausages, cheese slices with two bread slices, that’s the sandwich you make, delicious and nutritious!
3.If you do not have olive oil, you can use plain vegetable oil