Does Baskin robbins have gluten free ice cream cakes?

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Does Baskin robbins have gluten complimentary gelato cakes?



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No, however it isn ' t tough to earn your personal. You simply require a flourless cake or brownie dish. Cook it in a 9 inch frying pan, freeze it, layer it in between 2 gelato layers in a 9 inch springform frying pan. Include sauces, sweet, whipped lotion, icing or whatever.


— Ask Baskin Robbins. As “” gluten complimentary”” is the brand-new fad for unsuspecting individuals that intend to be fashionable or believe they are consuming healthy and balanced, I wouldn ' t be stunned.

Ho, if the individual has gastric condition and genuinely requires a gluten complimentary cake, acquire a gluten complimentary cake mix or discover a dish, and try to find a dish for a homemade cake.

— No