Do I need to put a baking sheet on the oven rack for my casserole dish?

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Do I have to place a flat pan on the stove shelf for my casserole meal?
Or is the meal OK to be on the shelf? Required a fast solution



Best Answer

The meal is ok on the shelf.

Casseroles do have the tendency to bubble over so placing a cookie sheet on the shelf listed below might assist your stove remain cleaner.


— You put on ' t “” demand”” to place anything under a casserole meal for food preparation objectives.

As discussed however, many individuals do because several covered dishes bubble over when they ' re warmed and particularly if they ' re near to complete to begin with.
Some individuals might discover some baking sheets excellent for aiding them to relocate the covered dish in and out of the stove.

To maintain from having to cleanse up any type of bubble-over (that typically obtains baked on components of the shelf or on the flooring of the stove), it ' s not needed to make use of a baking sheet.
Rather you might make use of any type of steel tray that ' s heat-proof, or you might merely make use of a sheet of light weight aluminum foil big sufficient to expand a couple of inches past the casserole meal on all sides.


— It ' s penalty on the shelf. If it might overflow and bubble over while food preparation would certainly I trouble with a baking sheet, just.

If the covered dish might bubble over,

— No cooking sheet required however may be preferred.

— it is great on the shelf. If you believe the meal may run over, the only time I would certainly place a baking sheet under it is.
consider this … the shelf is steel and so is the cooking sheet …

If the meal is most likely to steam over or spill to stay clear of cleaning up the whole stove,

— make use of the cooking sheet.

— No.