Everyone loves a delicious strawberry. They are juicy and delicious, offering a fruity flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before. And when they are dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate, they turn into a decadent dessert fit for the queen of England. Chocolate covered strawberries aren’t even great desserts for family gatherings, fancy dinner parties, and other meetings, but they make for superior birthday gifts as well. Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a batch of homemade chocolate covered strawberries using the steps below, or pick up a batch from Shari’s Berries. Take advantage of Shari’s Berries coupons code offered on the website for huge savings on your next purchase.

Making your very own chocolate covered strawberries right from the home is very easy.

You will only need a few items:

Strawberries, as many as you would like.
Toothpicks, for using to dip and cool strawberries. Make sure you have enough for all of your strawberries.
Large pot, for boiling the chocolate.
Chocolate of your choosing, either milk, white, or dark chocolate- or use all three.
Styrofoam, for placing the strawberries on so they may cool.

Steps to perfect dipped swizzled strawberries just like those found at Shari’s Berries:

Place large pot onto stove. Place your chocolate of choice inside of the large pot. Boil.
Continue to boil the chocolate until it reaches a smooth, silky consistency, without any chunks present. Make sure to stir the chocolate regularly while it boils.
Place toothpicks inside of all available strawberries.
Turn stove onto low heat.
Pick up toothpick and dip strawberry into the chocolate. Make sure you get as much of the strawberry as you can.
Stick the toothpick into the styrofoam, with the chocolate side facing upwards.
Leave the strawberry to dry and continue onto the rest of the strawberries.
If you want to use multiple flavors of chocolate, clean out the initial large pot and repeat the process using the other type of chocolate.

In order to get the ‘swizzled’ part onto the strawberries, finish the process with these steps:

Grab a plastic bag and place leftover melted chocolate into the bag. Make sure the chocolate is cool.
Cut out a small piece of the plastic bag on one edge.
Place your cooled strawberries onto a plate.
Lightly sway the plastic bag filled with chocolate over the cooled strawberries, as to make a ‘swizzled’ appearance.
Continue this process until desired appearance is achieved.



Tips for perfect swizzled strawberries:

You may want to place the strawberries into the refrigerator to help them cool faster.
Make sure the chocolate is completely cooled before placing into plastic bag, as this could damage the bag and chocolate.
Having multiple flavors of chocolate is ideal. Try and find out your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favorite chocolate flavors and make a blend.
You may put different flavors of chocolate into one large pot at a time if you wish to blend the flavors.
Handle strawberries with a lot of care as to not mess up the chocolate, which may be fragile and brittle.