Difference between muffins and cupcakes?

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Difference in between muffins and cupcakes?
My close friends need to know.



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A cupcake is a treat, normally with icing. A muffin is even more of a tasty kind cake frequently offered with morning meal or with various other dishes, depending upon the sort of muffin.

If your close friends need to know, after that they ought to be asking. I wager among them also recognizes just how make use of an internet search engine to look it up and learn, yet i assumption that relies on just how essential it is or just how determined they are to recognize.:-RRB-


— Muffins are a larger uniformity and normally have second components such as blueberries or nuts in them where as cupcakes are lighter and are probably constructed of one taste.

— mug cakes are ANY cake batter baked in those little mugs.
Muffins are not virtually as pleasant, frequently have nuts, fruits, etc in them. Some are tasty also. Much heavier in structure yet baked in those little mugs.

— muffins are denser and frequently consumed at morning meal.

— icing.