Difference between icing and frosting?

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Difference in between topping and icing?
I am making vacation sugar cookies (for the very first time) and I ' m uncertain if I should utilize my normal buttercream icing that I utilize for cupcakes or should I utilize a topping dish? Does it matter? Many thanks!



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Icing is simply made from confectioners sugar and water or lemon juice if suched as.
Frosting is thicker, and normally made with butter and confectioners sugar and is utilized for cake covering & & filling up.
For your sugar cookies, I 'd usage topping [you can color it with food coloring]
Also you might sandwich 2 cookies along with Frosting between.


— This might differ regionally or culturally.

Many people I recognize utilize the terms reciprocally.

I recognize others that specify that icing has butter and topping doesn ' t.

Many people I recognize remain in the previous camp (making use of the terms reciprocally), nonetheless my Canadian family members have the tendency to utilize words “” topping”” where my American family members often claim “” icing””.

— I ' m not a significant baker however I ' m a chef. To me frosting could be numerous points, however topping is just one point – just what they call Royal Icing, powdered sugar and a little bit of water. I ' m not claiming to specify it, however that ' s just what it indicates to me.

— Many resources utilize both terms reciprocally.

“” topping”” usually consists of numerous kinds of lusters as well as buttercream-type icings.

— Icing – made with water, dries out to a tough “” snap””. Frosting – made with milk, lotion, or butter, doesn ' t completely dry and is thicker.

— There is no distinction. They are 2 words that imply the precise very same point.