Desserts that you can make with cereal?

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Desserts that you can make with grain?
What are some treats I could make with grain since we have unopened boxes of rice krispies and cherios from like 6 months back since we simply quit consuming grain



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Chocolate grain cupcakes [like easter nests],
crispy grain bars,
bases for cheesecakes, gelato pies, crucial lime pies e.t.c.
rough roadway refrigerator bars
Tiffin bars
Rice grain could be utilized to layer Chicken strips [baked in oven] or as a covering on baked fish meals & & guards pies e.t.c.


— Rice Crispy Squares

— rice crunchy deals with, delicious chocolate covered rice crunchy deals with, delicious chocolate Cherio bars.

Essentially placed grain, delicious chocolate and possibly marshmallows in a frying pan and cook at 350 till garnishes are thawed and after that cool.

Or squash up and include in a favored granola or granola bar dish. Or utilize as garnishes.

— Rice Krispies make outstanding eat bar treats. There are several dishes for them. Look them up on the internet.

— rice krispie squares
apple pie with smashed grain covering

— You have rice crispies and put on ' t recognize just what treat to earn with them? You sure you should remain in the kitchen area?

— peanut butter grain bars – individual favored!:-RRB-… You could utilize beefy or velvety pb, whichever you favor. Nutella additionally functions

grain bark…

utilize the grain to earn a pie crust, with dental filling of your option:-RRB-…

— Rice Krispies deals with (usage marshmallow, butter, etc)

— rice krispie deals with entered your mind. There is possibly a dish on the cheerio box for something.

— grain doughnuts