The Ideal Dessert Crispy Green Gram & Egg Yolk Puff

As we all know that, we can buy egg yolk puff in almost every bakery of your town, but, I bet that the egg yolk puff you bought must be the ones which are filled with red bean paste. And what’s worse, the red bean paste is so sweet and so greasy. Secondly, if people who know how to make pastries, they don’t prefer to buy them outside. Actually this sort of pastries are not so hard to make, if only you spend some time and efforts and be patient. You will make yummy egg yolk puff better than any other bakeries. Furthermore, self-made pastries are safer and healthier to eat, isn’t it?

Introduction of egg yolk puff

To make egg yolk puff, we should highlight the way of making the wrapper; a good wrapper is easier to crush when cutting it with a knife. So, better eating egg yolk puff with a plate, or you are going to clean the living room when kids are enjoying eating egg yolk puff.

And the next important thing is, I don’t make egg yolk puff with red bean, I make it with green gram. So, why I pick green gram, though? Because green gram is able to sustain good energy and help digestion, and it is also a kind of high nutritional food which is beneficial for people to relieve thirsty and detoxification.

egg yolk puff

Recipe for making egg yolk puff

Ingredients for the filling:

Peeled green gram      500g

Sugar                             250g

Water                     moderate

Procedures to make the filling:

Clean the peeled green gram, pour in the water which is higher than the green grams in a container, and then put the container into the steamer and steam for 20 minutes. After that, open the lid, add sugar in the container, and stir it until the sugar is melt.


Keep the paste in cool storage for several minutes, and next, separate the paste into 16, each one 40g, and knead it into dough. Following the previous step, unfold each one into two halves, add in salted egg yolk and then fold the other half onto it. Again, knead it into dough.


Ingredients for the wrapper:

Plain flour       200g

Lard oil           60g

Sugar              40g

Water             80g

Ingredients for the crisp:

Plain flour       120g

Lard oil            60g

Ingredients for the surface of masking liquid:

Egg yolk          1

(Total ingredients above are available to make 16 egg yolk puffs)

Procedures to make the wrapper:

Knead the ingredients for the wrapper and crisp respectively into dough, and put the dough into a container, then lid the surface of the container and place it cool for half an hour.


Next, cut the dough respectively into 16 pieces, then take one wrapper out and wrap it with the crisp, and the next step is to close the cut and roll it into an oval shape, and roll up. After all the little dough is rolled up, lessen them for 15 minutes.

roll up

Again, roll the lessened dough into an oval shape, again roll it up, and again lessen them for 15 minutes.

oval shape

After lessening, roll them into oval shapes, roll them up and squeeze the dough into a large round shape, top the dough with the prepared green gram filling, close the cut and tidy them into round balls, and place them on the pan.

round shape

Brush the surface of the round balls with egg yolk liquid, drop them with black sesame, preheat the oven to 374 F degrees, and then place the pan into the second layer, bake for 25 minutes and it is finished.

round balls

Reflections and tips for the egg yolk puff

It is more fragrant to use lard oil when making the crisp. Pictures will help you understand each step of the procedures. However, if you don’t like salted egg yolk, you can replace it with red bean or durian. Don’t omit to brush a layer of egg yolk liquid when put the pan into the oven. Because it looks like more beautiful and delicious after baking. Lastly, enjoy the egg yolk puff when it is hot.