Cookie Recipe – Using only the following ingredients?

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Cookie Recipe – Using just the complying with components?
Do you have a cookie dish making use of just the complying with components:
Max 2 eggs
Self increasing flour



Best Answer

utilized to cook in a childcare for impaired individuals an obtained this dish
3/4 white sugar (not wheel)
3/4 mug soft brownish sugar,
1 egg
1 mug difficult butter,
2 & & 1/4 self increasing flour
1/2 tsp salt
* if you could make use of 2 mugs chocolate chips otherwise include a little even more flour *


warmth stove to 170 c
mix sugars butter an egg in a dish
mix in flour an salt to a rigid dough
mix in delicious chocolate or nuts or whatever
split right into parts (generally navigate 15)
cook for 10-14minutes till brown. leave on bakin tray for 3 minutes
transfer carefully into an air conditioning tray (a fish piece or comparable benefits this)
cool and take pleasure in

my siblings a partner an his household frequently request for these cookies
infact thats just what theyre all gettin for xmas


— Short Bread Cookies:-RRB-

2 mugs butter
1 mug loaded brownish sugar
4 1/2 mugs all-round flour
Preheat stove to 325 levels F (165levels C).
Lotion butter and brownish sugar. Include 3 to 3 3/4 mugs flour. Mix well.
Sprinkle board with the continuing to be flour. Knead for 5 mins, including sufficient flour to earn a soft dough. Roll to 1/2 inch density. Cut right into 3×1 inch strips. Puncture with fork and position on ungreased flat pans.
Bake at 325 levels F (165levels C) for 20 to 25 mins.


— Go to and search for basic sugar cookie dough.

— isn’t really that like sugar cookies?

Or a bar?

Do you have any type of essence? or nuts?