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Cookie Mix!?
Im aiming to make cookies with among those off the rack package points (I ' m in a food preparation state of mind tonight yet have no food preparation ability to choose it!)
It claims on the back of the pack ' combine to create a non sticky dough ' just how do i bring it with each other?



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It suggests mix the active ingredients well together-Use a wood spoon if you have one. Hell utilize your hands after cleaning them, after that “” damp”” your hands so the dough will certainly not stay with them.
I constantly defeat the eggs up prior to schlepping it in with whatever I am making.
Also you state you do not have any type of food preparation skills-but if you have a mixer-don ' t toss delicious chocolate chip mix in, since you ' ll wind up with delicious chocolate cookies!
Too, if you have to include butter, obliterate it in the microwave and contribute to the mixture-add butter prior to the eggs, (if you make a decision to defeat the eggs individually) mix, after that include the butter. (or else you could obtain a mixture like rushed eggs!


— Use a spoon or wood spoon and simply mush/mix everything with each other till it create a round sphere … When it ' s accumulated all crumbs of the dish after that you understand it ' s done. If it ' s to sticky include bit even more flour

, select it up.

— mix all the active ingredients along with a wood spoon!
Have a good time! Oh im actually starving currently Yum! lol

— Add all the components with each other and mix well it suggests.

— “mush”” include a lil flour

— Stir it with each other … DUR!