Colorful Swirl Cookies?

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Colorful Swirl Cookies?
My next-door neighbor had these AMAZING cookies at her college graduation event, yet i put on ' t understand just what they are. They are rather basic, yet are vibrant and have a swirl (like the dough is swirled) and have sprays on the brink. they simply taste vanilla and buttery, yet are sooo great! please assistance!



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Christmas Pinwheel Cookies…

Christmas Vanilla Butter Cookies…

Nutella Swirl Butter Cookies and Nutella packed cookies…

Cinnamon Swirl Refrigerator Cookies

Raspberry Swirl Cookies

Cinnamon Swirl Cookie

Almond Butter Nutella Swirl Cookies

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(see the swirled shock cookies & & the NTH swirled holliday choc chip cookies … )))



— You need to keywords for your search: swirled cookie dishes. Do that and checked out the dishes. If essential, look on youtube for strategies.

— You might ask your neigh what sort of cookie is that