The Classic British Dessert Of Raisin Scone

Raisin scone – Scone, also named quick bread, its history could be traced back to the Scottish royal family period. Accoring to some old documents, the Stone of Scone or the Stone of Destiny with long years was the source that its name came from. That stone was the place where the royal monarch was crowned.

As the traditional British simple bread, the ordinary appearance of raisin scone makes it difficult to be outstanding from others. However, its simplicity and convenience are what people fancy most. What is more, it takes only 10 minutes to bake the bread and easy to get full. If you are a kind of people who like to save time in your kitchen, then scone is a best choice for you. And now let’s follow the recipe.

Recipe for raisin scone


High protein flour      130g

Soft butter            30g

Sugar                15g

Yeast                2.5g

Milk                 30g

Egg liquid            15g

Salt                  1.3g

Raisins               15g


For the dough:

Soak the raisins in clean water for a while, and then filter the water and dry the raisins with paper towels, next, put it aside for later use.


Mix high protein flour and salt, then add in softened butter, next, knead the butter and flour with your own hands until it is totally combined.

Knead the powder until it looks like corn starch. Next, pour the mixture onto the silicone pad. Dig out a big hole in the centre of the mixture with four sides higher than the centre.


Beat egg liquid evenly and sift, and then mix the milk, sugar and yeast evenly.

Pour the mixed liquid into the centre of the powder.


Knead dough with your own hands. It could be sticky to your hands at first, but then it will be okay.

Flat the dough and top it with a half of the raisins.

Firstly fold the dough and secondly knead dough again.

Flat the dough again and then top it with the left raisins.


Fold dough the second time and put the dough into a bowl. at this time, cover the dough with a plastic wrap, following the previous step, put the bowl into the fridge for overnight.

For the bake:

Take out the dough and flat it on the silicone pad.

Cut the dough into 8 pieces, and then place them onto the oven in a short distance.

Brush the surface with a layer of egg liquid. Next, put the pan into the oven with preheated temperature 365 F degrees.

Bake the bread for about 15 minutes until the surface is golden and brown.


Conclusion for the raisin scone

The recipe of raisin scone is written for the people who have a fast pace of lifestyle. As well as people who are busy at work and think too much time in the kitchen is a waste will be fond of its simplicity and convenience.

As the living pace is faster and faster, scone is no doubt a good breakfast choice for office workers. No matter what, hope the recipe would save you lots of time and bring you a new dessert with simplicity and convenience and delicacy.