Christmas cake ?

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I intend to make a good xmas cake nevertheless my OH does not such as xmas cake and im not that warm either so it constantly enters the container, in 2014 i made a sponge yet it didnt last long and had stagnated fairly promptly, exists something we could make which resembled xmas cake yet does not have all the fruit and things in it yet that will likewise last the entire month( ish)?



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How concerning a Queen Elizabeth cake. When somebody asked me if I had actually ever before made one, I began making this cake 2 years earlier. I had actually never ever come across the cake in the past, so I goggled it and discovered the dish and the tale behind exactly how this cake became. The dish was so * secret * that you might just acquire it from the girls at different Womens Institutes.

Anyway, the cake preferences so * pricey * (its not though) and it will certainly last, without ruining, for a week.…

Serve it with a standard difficult sauce or lemon sauce and (whipped lotion also)

I must point out, this dish was the Queen Mothers and it dates to the 1940 s


— I constantly appear to link the odor of cinnamon with Christmas and a great deal of the moment cook an apple and cinnamon cake for individuals that dislike dried out fruit xmas cakes.

I utilize a couple of various dish ' s yet among my favourites is this set:

1 pound self-raising flour
12oz wheel sugar
12oz butter or margarine
4 big eggs
10tablespoon milk
2 tablespoon cinammon (loaded)
2 tool apples and a little lemon juice

Mix all components (other than apples and lemon juice) with each other in a mixer till cosy.

Transformed into a ready tin, concerning 10 inches size. Peel and core apples, reduced right into sections, cover with lemon juice (quits apples browning in stove). Area half the sections on the combination, press to virtually lower of tin. Area remainder of sections in a beautiful pattern.

Bake in a modest stove for concerning half a hr.

— I wouldn ' t trouble with all that initiative Marks&& Sparks do wonderful little ones which you could also embellish yourself.Try obtaining McVities Syrup or Ginger cakes they are charming and moist and last a great week (thats if you wear ' t consume them.

— Make a cheesecake.Very scrumptious.