Childish Mickey Mouse Cake In Your Kids’ Good Books

Mickey Mouse cake recipe – Mickey Mouse has appeared on thousands of items and the image of Mickey was used everywhere in this world, you can find Mickey Mouse on cartoons or at the Disney theme parks, or even on cakes.

Mickey Mouse is a comic animal cartoon character; he has become a symbol for the Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was over 80 years old now, and the Mouse has evolved from being simply a character to become one of the most recognizable symbols around the world. Mickey Mouse has a girlfriend named Minnie, and he has two nephews, and a dog named Pluto.

He is famous among the kids, even the adults like the Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is a proof that good guys finish first. The optimistic outlook on life and an enthusiastic nature have made Mickey a real winner in life. The image of Mickey Mouse who is friendly and boyish has taken root. Through Mickey Mouse, the kids have learned how to establish his or her own view of world value, and that is an optimal and right value even the adults should learn.

Here today I would like to do something for the kids who see Mickey Mouse as their most favorite animal cartoon character. Maybe they treat Mickey not a character, but a true friend that accompanies their whole childhood. I would like to make a cute Mickey Mouse cake recipe for all the childish kids.

Mickey mouse cake

Recipe Of Mickey Mouse cake


Eggs                      5

Salad oil             50g

Vinegar            pinch

Light cream          200g

Cheese milk          300g

Corn starch          pinch

Sugar powder         20g

Plain flour            60g


  1. Combine milk, salad and 10g sugar and boil the mixture until boiling. Then remove the fire.
  2. Sift the plain flour until fine.
  3. Pour the plain flour into the cooled milk pot and stir well.
  4. Add in eggs, each time mix it well after adding another egg.
  5. Brush the pan with a layer of oil and cover it with the cake paper.
  6. Whisk the egg whites until foamy, and then add in corn starch and vinegar, next, beat egg whites with sugar per 3 times until stiff peaks form.
  7. Blend the mixture with the batter, and then pour the mixture into the oven covered with cake paper, and, bake the Mickey Mouse cake at 374 F degrees for 25 minutes.
  8. Pour it upside down and set aside and let it cool.
  9. Cut the Mickey Mouse to the shape of a Mickey face, and cut it to three parts.
  10. Place the bottom layer well.
  11. Soak the gelatin with cold water, and pour it into the milk, then heat them over hot water. Beat light cream with sugar powder to 70 percentages fluffy. Next, smash the durian fleshes with a food processor. Last, combine all the ingredients into a cream cake filling.
  12. Package the cake filling into a piping bag, and then pour the durian light cream filling into the blank space.
  13. Finally, fulfill the top of the Mickey Mouse cake and scrape flat. Then fridge the Mickey Mouse cake for at least 4 hours.
  14. Demold with an air blower, and place the top with a Mickey mask, and sprinkle with cocoa powder.
  15. At the very last step, take the Mickey mask away from the cake and then it is finished.

Review of Mickey Mouse Cake

The Mickey Mouse cake is definitely going to be your kid’s most favorite cartoon image cake. When tasting the Mickey Mouse cake, the fresh cream with cocoa powder combined together makes your mouth milky and melting at once. Especially, the Mickey Mouse cake is likely to be one of the best animal image cakes that you have made for your kids. It could really be fun for both of the parents and the kids.

Conclusion of Mickey Mouse Cake

I believe that most parents have the same feeling towards the Mickey Mouse recipe today. Mickey Mouse is the memory of our childhood. I used to watch cartoon so much when I was in primary school. He is so cute and funny on the Television, and the things he does will make me laugh all the time. And I will never forget his voice, even though I grow up. Sometimes when I were watching my kids sit on the sofa and watching Mickey Mouse showing on the Television, I felt happiness deep in the bottom of my heart and I was utterly moved a lot. I strongly believe that Mickey Mouse has helped me spent a happy childhood, and also my kids will be accompanied by Mickey and Minnie and even Pluto for their whole childhood and even their whole lives. So a Mickey Mouse cake could really arouse their interests and be in the kids’ good books.

The recipe of Mickey Mouse cake is simple and easy to follow. Provided you have a childish heart and an imaginary power, you can create the image of not only Mickey, but also his girlfriend Minnie, even his dog Pluto that is outstanding from other cakes. The Mickey Mouse cake is not only suitable for kids to eat, but also full of funny elements.