Yummy Baked Cassava Cake Recipe Deserves Your Try

Cassava cake – Today we are going to talk about the recipe of cassava cake. Cassava is a plain ingredient for food in Southeast Asia. And also named Tapioca, it is kind of a tropical root. And most people from Singaporean and Malaysians are very familiar with the cassava cake dessert. It could be used to make dessert and cuisine; it could also be made into cassava pieces. Whatever, this kind of food is really delicious and healthy. People said that the cassava could prevent diabetics from happening. So, there is no harm for people who have family diabetics’ history to eat often, it is beneficial for their health.

Since the way to make cassava cake can be turned into many, it can be steamed, baked or steamed and baked with banana leaves wrapped. And the recipes of cassava cake have many too, some with eggs added, some not, some uses butter, while some don’t. Someone like it soft, someone like it stiff, someone like it sweet or someone like it milky or the aroma of coconut. All in all, it has many ways to make cassava cake, and I have tried different ways to make cassava cake too. And the recipe below is the one I think it is the most successful one that accords with my appetite. I have made many times and each time successful. So as to say, this recipe of cassava cake is my personal favorite.

cassava cake

Recipe Of Baked Cassava Cake


Shredded cassava      2 lbs

Palm sugar           200g

Thick coconut milk    1/2 cups

Water               3/4 cups

Butter              2 teaspoons

Salt                1/4 teaspoons

Screwpine extract     2 – 3 drops

All purpose flour      1.5 tablespoons

Corn starch           1.5 tablespoons


  1. Firstly, unfreeze the shredded cassava and coconut milk, then, take out a pan, and pour the 3/4 cups of water, next, add 200g palm sugar and mix them while boiling. After that, let it cool for later use.
  2. Combine shredded cassava, coconut milk, all purpose flour, corn starch, salt and screwpine extract and pour the palm sugar water that is just boiled, add in eggs and blend well. Set aside.
  3. Preheat the oven to 360 F degrees, and bake the cassava cake for an hour.
  4. One hour later, take the cassava cake out, and brush the surface with butter. Next, turn the button to Broil, and bake the cassava cake into golden and brown color for 8 – 10 minutes.
  5. Let it cool and dice them. And then top it with shredded cassava.


  1. If you don’t put eggs in the cassava cake, the output are lighter in color than the cassava cake with eggs and some are yellowish, depending on the species of cassava that you have used during the baking.
  2. Provided you can not find grated cassava, just put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until fine. If it is still too rough, you can use a food processor to mix a little before transferring to the blender.

Review Of Baked Cassava Cake

This kind of cassava cake tastes chewy and fragrant with every bite of it so soft. Just warm and fresh out of the oven, it has a nice aroma from the eggs and coconut milk. It was amazing. I think it is a perfect snack or dessert for tea-time. Incredibly, it is very easy to make and it’s super delicious. However it is so hard to make this recipe go wrong. As I am well aware that all traditional recipes will be simple, this recipe is really easy and simple to follow. The recipe of cassava cake can be changed according to your own favorites, more sugar or less and soft or not rely on your personal taste.

Conclusion Of Baked Cassava Cake

If you want to try a new life with leisure, health and happiness, why not leave a space some where in your house as the “Baking area”? Each week when guests come around to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, you can make a dish of dessert or cake all by your own. “It is more meaningful to make dessert yourself because you have put your own emotions into it.”

And I think that if readers follow my recipes routinely, they would be really baking fans and they probably have made desserts their own for not a short time. I believe that we all get some fun from baking, don’t you?