Are you jealous of travelers around the globe? Cause the ice cream they eat are not common flavor of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. Have you ever eaten sea eel ice cream in Japan, green tea ice cream in Florence, Italy? And you can not miss the special Indian ice ream. In this amazing country, they make naseberry, Masala Chai, saffron, rose and ginger ice cream, only that you could imagine!

This recipe is about Indian ice cream, the saffron ice cream! Hush! Don’t be over excited for tasting Indian ice cream without going to India or Spain Mission!

Saffron has a lot of value as a botany. Especially used in Asian countries like India and Iran. In Iran, people add saffron into their meals. And In lots of Iranian restaurants the meals they offered often cover rices with yellow color, which are soaked with saffron, and Iran has a kind of meal called Tacheen, which contains saffron. And at general dessert stores in Iran, they have self-made saffron ice cream, and a lot of desserts in Iran contain saffron. When you dinner in an Iranian, they often told foreigners about the secret of saffron.

In addition, ice cream helps people cool themselves down, offer the moisture, and supply some nutrition for our bodies, so it’s kinda of a welcome sweet food.

~~~India & Iranian saffron ice cream~~~

Saffron ice cream

Saffron ice cream

Ingredients: 500gr fresh milk, 10gr cream, 100gr caster sugar, 2gr saffron, 3gr cardamon, 50gr pistachio, a pinch of vanilla extract
1.Pour milk into a pan, warm up with a gentle heat, add caster sugar, saffron and cardamon after 25 minutes
2.Keep the temperature at 158F-167F, stir without stop, and then stop warming, wait until the mixture is sticky
3.Then add pistachio, cream and vanilla extract, pour it into another container for freezing
4.Sprinkle some pistachio when eating

Saffron ice cream has a special exotic flavor and has a function of refreshing.

Tips: Saffron tea is suitable for ladies on account of female iciness of disease, headache caused by abnormal of blood pressure, long period taking will comprehensively improve people’s immunity.

Caution: saffron tea is appropriate for drink in winter, not summer. Do NOT mix saffron with other scented tea. Besides, gastritis patients and pregnant women MUST NOT drink saffron tea.