Can you use a tray bake recipe for cupcakes?

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I have a lemon tray bake dish:
200 g Butter, 200 g Caster Sugar, 4 huge eggs, 140 g self increasing flour, 100 g poletna and lemon enthusiasm.
Mix everything with each other and placed in a buttered tray and in an 180 C Oven for 35 minutes.

Am i able to place this blend right into cupcakes rather than a tray? or would certainly i should alter the dish?
How long would certainly i prepare them?

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Best Answer

any kind of dish for any kind of cakes, bars, or whatever could be baked in smaller sized variations like cupcakes !! any kind of dish for coffee cake, bars, etc, could be developed into muffins in cupcake frying pans.

do not alter the temperature level of the stove for any kind of factor !! smaller sized cakes require much less time to prepare so be inspecting after concerning 20 to 25 mins.


— I ' m no cook, however ready in the house cooking. I wear ' t see why it wouldn ' t job, I usually make use of cake dishes for cupcakes (although I ' m uncertain just what u imply concerning a tray bake, or just what it is, do you imply like a level cake that you could roll right into a coil like a sponge or delicious chocolate roll (for absence of a far better summary) anyhow, I 'd try, tiny cupcakes takes around 10-12minutes in my fanbake stove at concerning 160 deg centigrade-which is like 180 in a normal stove) so I would certainly think a normal dimension cuptake would certainly be about (15-18) minutes. all the best, try and see just what occurs, you ' ve obtained absolutely nothing to shed. BTW, do you desire my postal address so you could carrier some to me lol j/k;-RRB-

— You need to have a muffin frying pan to obtain “” regular”” cupcakes. Rather of up if you put them in the mugs they will certainly a lot more compared to most likely bake out.

— yes you can, however i would certainly look at them after 15, Min