Can i have the recipe for HOT COOKIE DOUGH ?PLZZZZZ?

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Can i have the dish for HOT COOKIE DOUGH? PLZZZZZ?



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Here ' s a dish that would certainly be a great deal like exactly what you ' re seeking:

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie

NOTE: On the food selection it is noted as Warm Cookie Dough. I think that if you took an excellent delicious chocolate chip cookie brownie sort of dish and baked it in a rounded recipe, or perhaps specific round recipes, you would certainly have the very same point. You wear ' t intend to cook up until completely crisp. You intend to take it out of the stove whilst still a little bit wet and chewy and after that leading it cozy, with an inside story of a great vanilla ice-cream and drizzle with an excellent delicious chocolate sauce.

2 1/4 mugs versatile flour
1 tsp cooking soft drink
1 tsp salt
1 mug butter, softened
3/4 mug granulated sugar
3/4 mug loaded brownish sugar
1 tsp vanilla remove
2 huge eggs
1 (12ounce) plan Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels


1. Pre-heat the stove to 375 levels F (190levels C). Oil a 10 ×15inch jelly roll frying pan.
2. Integrate flour, cooking soft drink and salt in little dish. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brownish sugar and vanilla remove in huge mixer dish. Include eggs individually, defeating well after each enhancement. Progressively defeat in flour blend. Mix in tidbits and nuts. Spread right into greased 15 x 10- inch jelly-roll frying pan.
3. Cook for 20 to 25 mins in the preheated stove, or up until gold brownish. Awesome in frying pan on a cake rack, after that reduced right into bars.


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