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Hello. I have some cake concerns, and am hopinhg that you pro ' s around, or any person that has experience could aid me. Thanks ahead of time.

This is exactly what I am assuming for the cake that I am preparing. Anything can be altered if required:

-the cake will be 3 rates
-it will be a STACKED CAKE, so there won ' t be columns!!!!!!!!
-each rate will be 2 layers (is this huge sufficient?)
-the cake will certainly be covered in Marshmallow Fondant (a must!)
-the frying pan dimensions are a 12 in round, 9in round, and 6in rounds (frying pans currently bought– can not transform)
-I ' m uncertain of ways to enhance– was believing to have huge fondant bow on the top rate, polka dots on one more rate or that rate, and red stripes on one rate (iff-ey???)
-I am utilizing (andmust utilize) cake mix from package

Now for my concerns:
exists anything I have to do inbetween layers or rates (various other after that frost in between layers)?

do I require cake boards/dowels for between rates, despite the fact that I ' m refraining from doing dowels or raising the rates?

How much in advance can I make the marshmallow fondant prior to I prepare to place it on the cake? Days? A week? The length of time???

How do I make a big fondant bow? Do you have images to reference?

Is there anything unique I should do to the cakes making it so they will not break down from the weight of themselves and the fondant?

Thanks, and please address any type of and all concerns you can.

I will certainly select an ideal solution



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Hello. Your cake seems like a wedding celebration cake? In between the layers you must utilize a loading such as lemon or pineapple. It offers the cake an actually fresh preference. Yes, you require boards and dowels in between the various sized cakes or they turn or have various other issues. Your fondant would certainly take place each sized cake independently.
You could presume regarding make the cake and the fondant and freeze it up until you prepare to place the cakes with each other and enhance. That additionally allows you relax up a little bit prior to the effort of establishing the dowels.
The dowels and boards will certainly maintain the cake from breaking down. you will certainly have the ability to establish each cake off the others, or cut them separtely specifically if the leading rate is to be conserved. Because you are utilizing box cake mix, physician it up simply a little if you are utilizing a white cake mix, by utilizing 1/2 each almond and vanilla essence rather than simply vanilla. While each layer is still cozy, you must cover it with a slim layer of butter lotion icing, This maintains crumbs out of the means when you are patting on your fondant. I directly have actually never ever made a fondant icing however I have actually seen them being done. I found out cake designing from a wilton publication I received from the collection. I wager they have a website online currently. You can inquire ways to make a fondant Bow. It would certainly additionally rely on the dimension of the bow and exactly how you desire it positioned. Best of luck


— I could address a couple of concerns as I have actually done a couple of cakes like you define … I constantly placed a cardboard between the (2) layers. It ' s much better to have it there after that desire you did. The cake will certainly weigh. I would certainly place dowels under at the very least. I most likely would place 3 or 5 on the 2nd layer and 8 or 9 on the bottom.I would certainly place the bow on the top and do the dots down the sides. You can position a silver dot in each fondent dot if you desired to obtain genuine imaginative. That would certainly offer some glimmer. If you shake up the lower side of the cake, specifically. You can also/either utilize silver radiance. I ' m certain you will certainly generate something terrific. As for the fondant, fresh is finest I constantly claim. All the best.

— I assume you must utilize the columns, as well. Like I claimed, previously, set up the cake, at the location. Various other smart, you ' ll resembled having a flattened cake, which will certainly require refrosting. Whatever you do, allow the layers cool down totally, prior to you do anything with them.

— OKAY you realy are doing a huge cake, I would certainly utilize carboard trays between to level weight and I would certainly utilize wood dowels, if you placed them in the cake to the base it will certainly aid hold the weight, are you utilizing the exact same sort of cake on all layers, I did one with fruit cake base after that choc mud, after that caramal mud cake, I placed the lightest cake at top. the splits to hold it in location, jelly or jam readies in the midle of layers, lotion is alright however could be messy.practise with the bow, usage topping sugar as you would certainly powder to turn out and form bow.

— its a breeze to cook a plate of cake,

if the means is hazy you ' ve obtained to do the food preparation by the publication.
you understand you cant slouch,
never ever utilize an untidy dish, the cake will certainly appear insane,
If you do the food preparation by the publication, after that you ' ll have a cake!

— omg i claim you understand alot regarding cakes im trin making cakes to market from residence cuz i cant obtain a task however if i can i would certainly aid you however i have no idea sorryy

— I alway sgo and ask Catherine at

— wow!!! you understand alot regarding cakes!